It's Magic DVD

Looking to learn how to play Magic? This DVD probably won't help. See what happens when Paul tries his hands at the grandfather of all collectable card games, with only the rest of LoadingReadyRun to help him. This DVD features the 4-episode commodoreHUSTLE spin-off Friday Nights, produced officially for Wizards of the Coast. 

It's also features deleted scenes we couldn't include in the final product, a commentary track, and a bunch of other features!

 Available on DVD for the first time:

  • The original It's Magic episode of commodoreHUSTLE
  • All four episodes of Friday Nights
  • Loading Time videos of LRR at the MTGO Community Cup
  • Four MtG-related Crapshots
DVD Exclusives:
  • Friday Nights Blooper Reel
  • Friday Nights Deleted Scenes
  • Commentary track from the LRR crew
  • Jer's Phelddagrif Deck Tech
  • Learn to Play Magic with Graham & Jer
  • The Tilting Table Commercial
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