Dice Friends Tabletop Dice Tray

If you're like us, you have a problem keeping dice on the table. And those dice are expensive! They deserve to have a lovely place to play in! Keep your dice happy and they'll keep you happy, rolling critical hits all night!*

We have a selection of Wyrmwood Gaming Tabletop Dice Trays in three beautiful variants:

  • Cherry - a wood that matures nicely over time...**

  • Black Walnutclassic, elegant, refined...***

  • Purpleheart - to make a statement without making a sound...*4

All dice trays feature the Dice Friends logo in brilliant Dice Friends Magentapink™, emblazoned on black Vegan synthetic leather.

And look! Up in the dice-keeper area! "From the Bones of Trees & the Skins of Beasts" indeed!



* Not a guarantee. Continue blaming your dice.

** We hope the same can be said for your playgroup.

*** Just like all the times you got drunk in a tavern.

*4  Except for the sound of rolling dice, which is what this is for.