Desert Bus 2021 DBloon

You're leaning against an old bus stop sign, barely legible through the rust and the sun-bleached paint, somewhere in the American Southwest.  You're not lost; you're just... taking your time.

A decrepit old coach rattles to a stop.  With a weak hiss, the door opens and you get a good look at the driver, though you can't quite make out their name tag.  Does it say Jocko?  Bocko?  Coc

"Well?" they bark.  "You gettin' on or not?"

You reach in your pocket and pull out your Desert Bus 2021 DBloon. The silver glints as it catches the setting sun.  Strange.  It feels like it's been sundown for a little too long.

You give the coin a flip.  You and the driver watch it tumble through the air.

"Call it," you mumble.

The driver mutters something back.  You don't quite catch what they say.

The coin hits the dusty asphalt, with a ring that echoes off the Hualapai mountains.

You and the driver lock eyes.

"Grab a seat."


This year, get your own edition of the Desert Bus DBloon, with art designed by Steven Dengler and Sam Garcia Cazorla.

As with every year, profits from the DBloon go to the artists, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child's Play Charity.