Coffee with Serge KeepCup

Sold out.

Serge wants your coffee to be just as delicious as his.  Honour his devotion with a "Coffee with Serge" branded coffee cup from KeepCup—Serge’s first choice in reusable cups.

We wanted to find a reusable, eco-responsible coffee cup that we would use everyday and KeepCup fit the bill.  The 12oz/340ml tempered glass vessel is easy to clean and won't impart a flavour to your brew.  The Lid and Plug come apart for thorough cleaning and the Cork band protects your hand while looking so classy.

Classy as hell.

I won't say Serge would be sad if you don't buy one of these.  I might be, but Serge is a big boy.  He'll be fine.


(Specs courtesy

Cup Tempered glass
Band Cork
Lid Polypropylene alloy #7
Plug LDPE #4

Dishwasher safe, top shelf.

Heat to 100°C / 212°F. Lid off only.

By the way, that cork band?  It's awesome, but it can be hard to remove for the dishwasher.  KeepCup recommends leaving it on and hand-washing this cup, as dishwashing may damage the band over time.  KeepCup also sells replacement parts and has a ton of info on how you can best care for this cup.