Season 5 DVD Set

While tales of its coming had been told for years in hushed tones, none truly believed the stories. But yet, here it is, in all its resplendent 3-disc, region-free, non-DRM glory: Season 5!

Including such fan favourites as The Truce, Son-of-A-Bitch, CSI :CSI, and RapStar 64K. Only a season this amazing could have birthed "This is Why I'm Paul" AND The Warriors of Darkness!

This 3-disc set has:

  • 52 LoadingReadyRun videos - Everything from Season 5 of LRR
  • Commentaries on every video from the entire cast!
  • Extensive bloopers and outtakes!
  • A special 20 minute interview with Uwe Boll
  • 7 behind the scenes Loading Time episodes
  • "Green Screen" making-of videos for High Noon and Emergency Situation
  • AND because you asked for it, every T-Shirt Ad from Season 5!