Crapshots Season 1 DVD

What's 100 episodes long and really weird? The first season of Crapshots! Crapshots are bursts of delicious micro-comedy. All the weirdness, blunt genital trauma and terrible puns, but none of that pesky story to weigh them down.

You get:

  • 100 Crapshots. You'll find at least one you like.
  • Commentaries on every episode by Alex and Graham.
  • Bloopers! Or "Misfires" as we call them.
  • Crapshot Roulette - Play a Random Crapshot! This was surprisingly difficult to do on a DVD, so please use it.
  • A VERY SPECIAL bonus feature made from footage assumed lost, but then later proven to be simply misplaced... Man Cooking Live! Watch Morgan snort chili powder!