Desert Bus Alphabet Book

A is for Apple…

No… that doesn’t seem right…

This picture book takes readers through the alphabet, Desert Bus style! From Axel to Donate, from Tree to Unstoppable, and more! Enjoy an original ABCs rhyme accompanied by 28 beautifully illustrated pages by extraordinary artists from the Desert Bus community. You will never see another alphabet book quite like this one! It is available for purchase in this softcover form only during Desert Bus 10, so get yours now before the bus stops!

This is a preorder item and will be printed once the run is over.

Text by: Tally Heilke
Art by: Ken Steacy, Maki Naro, Susanne Iles, Monan Arts, Ash Vickers, Eric Tortora Pato, Eric Johnson, Alex Steacy, Helen Cowart, Featherweight, Kathryn Lancashire, Rayna Sassano, Tally Heilke, Rose Nightshade, Kimberly Swanner, Nick Trujillo, Schala Kitty, Leelee Scaldaferri, Tina Bongorno, Joe Vick, Susanne Iles, Tara Heilke, Merav Ulyansky, E. E. Nix, Simonbeed, Jo Tyler, Michael Lunsford

As with all Desert Bus merch, profits are split between LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child's Play Charity.