Smash Cut Skeleton Shirt

The world's greatest punchline.

Imagine if you will: a comedy sketch... or a dramatic reading... or a love scene... really, any cinematic moment ever. Any and/or all of them would be easily improved by a smash cut to a bleached-white skeleton.

Just BOOM, hard smash cut. Skeleton. Bleached-white. Maybe a sound effect *

*Sound effect not included with shirt.

This fine skullsman design comes courtesy of resident LRR cartoonist laureate Devin "Featherweight" Harrigan.


New Shirts!

As part of our ongoing Shirt Embetterment Initiative, these shirts are printed on District crew tees. They're very similar to most other t-shirts, but they're slightly lighter weight and feel nicer. Check the sizing info here. An exception is the Mens 4XL, which are the same Gildan brand as before, as our supplier isn't able to get 4XL shirts from District.